McDonald’s fan explains how you can get fresh, hot fries every single time

A McDonald’s fan has revealed how you can get fresh fries every single time – but there’s a slight catch.

Food blogger Jonny Massaad, from Cakemail – a cake delivery service in Australia – has shared the secret to ensuring your fries are piping hot every time.

He explained that all you have to do is order your fries without salt, as this means that staff will have to cook them from scratch.

So to test the theory, Jonny ordered two boxes of chips, one with salt and one without.

“Another Maccas hack, order chips without salt and they’ll be fresher than the ones with salt because they have to be made from fresh,” he explained.

He then pulls out a thermometer to test the temperature of both batches.

The fries with the salt recorded a reading of 24.3 degrees, whilst the fries without the salt came in at 36.9 degrees.

So, the hack proved to be a success.

But there’s a catch, as you’ll have to wait a while longer for them to be cooked.

Since being posted, the video has racked up a staggering 130,000 views and hundreds of comments from people praising his idea.

One person said: DOPE hack. I wanna go test it out.”

Another commented: “I’d never thought of that!”

“My best friend used to do that! Always hot and fresh!” a third revealed.

But someone else said you could just ask for fresh chips with salt.

Another argued: “This makes [staff’s] job 10 times harder, especially in busy periods, just ask for fresh fries.”

One foodie then revealed: “A good Macca’s hack is ordering Big Mac and replacing one beef patty with a McChicken patty.”